Harsh Reality....!

Why its take long for we children to understand our parents? When we get old we tend to forget that they are also getting along with us. Its like only few children has the emphathy for their parents. When we are away from our parents, we considered our work and studies more vital than them, for us, we get loads of things to keep us entertain and to spend our time but do we ever realize what they do in home especially those parents who lives in small towns, who doesn't know how to operate the new technologies. I've seen my parents  longing for some calls from their children, they seems thirsty for love and caring, the affections that they showered upon thier children aren't paying them back. Sometimes, they becomes fury and its natural because they deserves love. Its almost 4 months that iam in home with my parents, and it's the longest period in last 5 years i'd have ever spent with them. These months made me realized how far i've come, in last few years. I real

Life must go on.

  Its been more than 5 months that we Indians are under lockdown. Various measures were taken but still we do not see any positive result rather the cases are growing with every new day. In this situation what we could do when everything is on hold, be it in education, bussiness ,personal plans etc., i personally believe every chaos brings something good in our life,and so this pandemic. So what if we are refrain from our most  of the stuffs of life we could still live our life.  If you are in home with your family then try to create some best memories because we never know when we'd get time like this.  If you are alone, try to read some good books and if you are not a book lover still i suggest you to read atleast 1 or 2 books. In place of reading you can also watch good movies and series in your free time in various online streaming platforms. I assume we are not going to get these much of free time in future because by the time this pandemic get over every invidual will rush to